The foundations of our company rely solely with you, the user. We wish for all users to come onto the platform in one state and leave in another each day. We know small changes and tools added to daily routines can drastically improve our overall day-to-day life which is why our training material is carefully selected to incorporate both physical + mental exercise.


  • "Why should I choose Flow Studio to learn?"

    We are a forward-thinking platform with user experience top of our priorities. We are expanding our library with more positive learning content and plan to cement ourselves as an aspect of your life that truly brings value.

  • "What makes you different from other fitness/meditation apps out there?"

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our content with our course length ranging from 4-12hrs of video tutorials. We provide the complete, in-depth teaching of a life skill which can be built upon. Most apps simply have clips of guided meditation or fitness poses. Our goal is for our course content to stay with our users a lifetime.

  • "What are the costs?"

    We price our courses with the ideology that they can be accessed by all, no matter a persons financial situation. Our course price ranges from £79 to £99. For your convenience we offer an interest free solution with the option to spread the course fee over 3 months. With other platforms charging from anywhere between £300-£1000 for similar courses, we are one of the most user-orientated and affordable platforms out there.

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